Webinar: An Introduction to Cultivating Strong Towns

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Announcement #1. Kevin on the Strong Towns Podcast

Hey Cultivators! Did you catch Kevin Shepherd on the Strong Towns podcast recently? He joined Chuck Marohn for a brief discussion about CULTIVATE! and how we aim to help you put Strong Towns principles into practice. If you missed that interview, check it out here.

Announcement #2. Strong Towns Members Webinar – Oct. 25

For those of you who are Strong Towns members (and if you're not yet, what are you waiting for?!), here are a couple questions:

Are you excited about the Strong Towns message, but not sure how to start cultivating change in your own town? Are you a city leader or professional who wants to make your city a more financially resilient and people-friendly place, but feel like you’re spinning your wheels fighting (and continuing to implement) the status quo? 

On October 25th at 12pm CST, we're inviting Strong Towns members to join us for an exclusive online preview of our new Cultivating Strong Towns workshop. Join us Cultivators—Kevin Shepherd, Matt Lewis, Amanda Popken, and Jordan Clark— as we walk through a number of proven and emerging strategies for planning, building, and managing Strong Towns, including incremental development, economic gardening, lean codes and much more. Our workshops and planning programs bring people and perspectives together to empower citizens to contribute, get more done with existing resources, and grow a unique and self-sustaining local economy.

To learn more and participate live in this interactive webcast, become a Strong Towns member today.

Already a Strong Towns member and still need an invite? Contact Strong Towns' Director of Community Engagement, Kea Wilson.

If you’re within driving range of the Dallas area, consider joining the CULTIVATE! Collaborative crew (along with special guests Chuck Marohn & Monte Anderson) in Frisco, Texas on November 4th for a one day workshop. Learn more and register. If you're not in the area but are still interested, we're putting together our workshop calendar for 2018. Let us know if you'd like us to come to your city!

Jordan Clark