Reading not meetings

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In a recent post on his excellent blog, Seth Godin wrote:

"Most organizations think nothing of having twenty valuable employees spend an hour in a meeting that's only tangentially related to their productive output.
But if you're sitting at your desk reading a book that changes your perspective, your productivity or your contribution, it somehow feels like slacking off...
What would happen if the next all hands meeting got cancelled and instead the organization had an all hands-on read instead?"

At CULTIVATE! we're always learning and growing in large part because we're constantly reading the work of people we trust. A primary source for us is our good friends at Strong Towns, and we're really excited to recommend their newest book, 'Thoughts on Building Strong Towns, Vol. III'! We promise you'll find it insightful—and you just might have your mind changed.

We're also big fans of Volumes I and II in the series—and we've seen them make a tangible difference in the life and work of a number of our friends—so consider this an ironclad recommendation for those as well!