Better Know a Cultivator-Partner! – Amanda Popken Edition

As a part of our series of Cultivator introductions, we'd like you to meet Amanda Popken, one of our collaborating partners!

 Amanda in her natural habitat.

Amanda in her natural habitat.


What are you most excited about accomplishing with Cultivate Collaborative?

Working with talented professionals and passionate people in towns I've never heard of, as we begin moving our culture toward a more sustainable frame of development and business. Seeing the cultivation of great places permeate the way we structure our lives, from policy to play. 

What do you think makes Cultivate Collaborative different?

We're a polished team of specialists with our formula for how we all fit together - yet we all know about each others' specialities and different aspects of planning so we're very well-rounded. 

What trend in planning/development would you like to see die in the next five years?

Clear cutting for greenfield development

What would like like to see becoming a trend in the next five years?

Using the unique, site-specific topographic and local biome as assets to maximize value

Who’s out there doing work that you admire?

Project for Public Spaces

Way(s) your childhood predicted your current line of work:

I ran my own yardwork company at 14. I printed invoices and everything. I also had trouble concentrating in school - there were a million things I was juggling in my mind at once. I couldn't do this work if I had't mastered how to manage so many things at once. 

What’s your all-time favorite podcast?


Music you’re listening to a lot right now?

Chet Faker, Marian Hill, Taylor Swift, Sia

Where’s your next vacation?

Well, it was the Virgin Islands - until Hurricane Irma hit. Now we're thinking of take the dogs camping in Colorado. Then Vancouver. I'm falling in love with that city, getting ready for that trip.

Your go-to weekend activity:

Adventure walks with my #1 dog, exploring trails and the deep nature in DFW.

 Amanda's #1 dog, digging the Dallas skyline. 

Amanda's #1 dog, digging the Dallas skyline. 

You’re at a backyard barbecue—what are you drinking? 

Cayman Jack margaritas

Best book you’ve read in the last two years:

This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs the Climate, Niomi Klein

What’s the first app you open in the morning?

Depending what pings have on my screen - calendar, email or text messages

Who's playing you in 'CULTIVATE! The Movie'?

Jessica Biel

Amanda Popken is a member of CULTIVATE! Collaborative. Learn more about her (and the rest of the Collaborative) here. Follow Amanda on TwitterFacebook, and LinkedIn.

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