Cultivate Community Program

Change starts now.

Improving neighborhoods with a series of quick, small, low-cost projects

Typical comprehensive planning efforts are expensive, time-consuming, and often include pages of implementation recommendations that never happen. They are often the product of wishful thinking, out of touch with citizens' needs and not based on fiscal realities.

Our Cultivate Community process emphasizes low-risk, resource-conscious projects that, when strung together, can have an immediate impact on a neighborhood or a downtown.

We'll help you assemble a diverse team of community leaders, identify high-impact opportunities, and quickly get to work on projects that bring real value to the neighborhood. Then, we'll work with you to set up a flexible program to make the projects permanent and the collaborations sustainable. 

Whether you want to begin stacking multiple projects together over the course of a year, or pilot the program with one project over three months, you'll be well on your way to making immediate and tangible progress that your community owns—with just the resources you have on hand. 

4 big steps

The way we work.

Additional services

Looking for focused support with citizen outreach or improving your development process? We've got you covered !


Community Empowerment

Working with the community to make places people love - where we feel personally invested, where timeless design & simplicity welcome a diversity of visitors - is our passion. Whether we're part of a larger consulting team for a specific project or working directly with a city looking to increase engagement with citizens, we promise to connect with people at the most local and personal level possible. This allows quality information exchange to happen, development of trust, and ultimately results in lasting engagement and empowerment.

development process & code updates

Just like Comp Plans, many city codes and development processes are overly detailed and complicated. Writing development codes  to meet each city's requirements takes a careful study of the community.  Our experience with form-based, traditional, and hybrid codes allows for a custom set of standards to be developed for each community we serve. 

Whether you need a full code rewrite or just a few updates, we have the coding expertise to help better your community.

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Ready to get started?

The process is simple:



2. Identify and connect community leaders

3. Explore opportunities and implement projects

4. Grow community capital