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August 23-24

Shreveport, LA

2-day workshop

Venue: Central ARTSPACE

Don't see your city on the list?

We're in the process of adding more cities to our 2018 schedule, including Albuquerque (NM), Houston, Vancouver (BC), Minneapolis, Tulsa, Bismarck (ND), and Western Massachusetts.

If you're in one of these metros and have interest in championing and/or helping host our workshop, we want to hear from you! And if you're in a city where you know there's interest in learning new ways to grow community capital and establish greater financial resiliency—please reach out! We'd love to put your city or region on our schedule. 

Send an email to info@cultivatecollaborative.org or click the WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU button below. 

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Hear what past attendees have had to say about our Cultivating Strong Towns workshop.

Past Events

May 3-4

Indianapolis, in

2-day workshop

April 12-14

San Marcos, TX

3-day workshop

Cultivating Strong Towns workshop

This was a special, hands-on version of our workshop, highlighting the work the City of San Marcos, TX, has done to build a thriving downtown and collaborative governing structure.

April 5-6

Lubbock, TX

1.5-Day workshop

Cultivating Strong Towns workshop - Sponsored by Tx APA Northwest Chapter

The first of our revamped workshops, hosted by our friends in West Texas in conjunction with the quarterly meeting of the Northwest Texas chapter of the American Planning Association.  


December 5, 2017

West Palm Beach, FL

Cultivating Strong Towns – Town Hall discussion

West Palm Beach City Commissioner Paula Ryan invited CULTIVATE! to present at a Town Hall discussing growth and development challenges facing the community. Ryan's campaign sponsored the event and CULTIVATE!'s participation, in an effort to share our ideas with her constituents and community leaders.  

November 4, 2017

Dallas, tx

1 Day Workshop

Cultivating Strong Towns workshop – with Special guests Chuck Marohn & Monte Anderson

Putting Strong Towns & incremental development principles into practice. Join us for a one-day crash course on practical first steps to overcoming the status quo and growing community capital. 

What we covered:

  • Building Strong Towns
  • ROI-based planning
  • Incremental development through small projects
  • Neighborhood cultivation and becoming a small developer
  • Local workforce development and apprenticeship programs
  • Economic gardening
  • Tactical activation and citizen engagement 
  • The new government model: Syncing and simplifying plans, codes, internal development processes/policies 

November 3, 2017

Dallas, TX

Strong Towns North Texas Meetup

The CULTIVATE! team hosted this meetup for Strong Towns members in North Texas, as Chuck Marohn was in town for our Cultivating Strong Towns Workshop.

November 3, 2017

Frisco, TX


Kevin co-presented this 202 session at APATX17.

As cities approach buildout, leaders must make difficult decisions about where to invest limited infrastructure dollars. While there is pressure to add rooftops and new businesses, this option does not always consider long-term service cost impacts. This session will show how analyzing the issues from a cost-benefit perspective can help decision makers to better understand the revenues and service costs of various options. Attendees will learn about tools that can be applied to comprehensive planning, budgeting, development analysis, and CIP development to promote fiscal sustainability.

Speakers: Kevin Shepherd, PE, ENV-SP; Felix Landry, AICP (Urbex Solutions); Michael Kovacs, Justin Weiss, & Will Rugeley (City of Fate)

November 2, 2017

Frisco, TX

APA Session – Strategies to Cultivate Unique & Resilient Economies & Communities

Members of CULTIVATE! presented this 202 session at APATX17.

Cities throughout Texas are competing to recruit new businesses and a diverse workforce while also trying to address housing gaps, revitalize older neighborhoods, and build unique downtowns. This session will show how to apply Strong Towns development strategies, incremental/small development, and innovative workforce development and apprenticeship programs to grow unique and self-sustaining local economies and communities. 

Speakers: Kevin Shepherd, PE, ENV-SP;  Monte Anderson, Options Real Estate; Amanda Popken; Matt Lewis

October 25, 2017


Strong Towns Members Webcast – 'How do you cultivate a Strong Town?'

Cultivators Kevin Shepherd, Matt Lewis, Amanda Popken, and Jordan Clark presented a preview of the Cultivating Strong Towns Workshop for Strong Towns members. Watch a recording of the webcast!

Business as usual — in our neighborhoods, our governments, our towns — is broken. This webcast walks you through five areas you can focus on to shake the status quo, whether you're an elected official, a community activist, a planner, or anyone else who cares about building strong towns.

September 26, 2017


I.T.E. Webinar – Street Space: Not just for Moving Cars 

Matt Lewis was one of three panelists on Part 2 of the Institute for Transportation Engineers' (ITE) "Creating Great Communities through Transportation; Not Transportation through Communities" webinar series.

Sprawling, auto-centric development patterns following WWII caused people to want to drive through Main Streets instead of going to them. Auto-centric city streets cause congestion and crashes and encourage dependence on auto-transportation. We need to steer clear of trying to build our way out of congestion with bigger, wider, and faster intersections and roadways. Instead, we need to focus on making streets safe for all modes of transport. Transportation professionals will learn about successful strategies to repurpose street space that accommodates all the various demands for use- cars, transit, parking, bikes, goods delivery, place-making.

Facilitator: Bryan Jones  |  Speakers: Matt Lewis, Matt Norris, Larry Marcus, and Daniel Ashworth

September 12, 2017


I.T.E. Webinar – Starting the Conversation: Transportation as Art & Science

Kevin Shepherd was one of three panelists on Part 1 of the Institute for Transportation Engineers' (ITE) "Creating Great Communities Through Transportation; Not Transportation Through Communities" webinar series. 

Our streets and can be beautiful experiences in their own way. We can achieve this by focusing more on facilitating civic participation and creating a sense of pride for a community through our designs. Streets can connect people, not just function as a means of transporting people and goods from A to B, but become places where people intuitively want to stay longer. Places that are desirable, attractive, welcoming, safe and comfortable, encourage people to linger, to socialize, and experience the unique culture and character of a community. Transportation professionals interested in creating healthy, vibrant spaces should consider increasing the use of public art in design, especially art made by local people that will reflect local cultural or history. This webinar will bring together a diverse panel of disciplines to discuss the balance between art and science, as it relates to street design and human well-being.

Facilitator: Bryan Jones  |  Speakers: Kevin Shepherd, Todd Litman, and James Dougherty