Transform the way you see and lead your community


Running a city is hard work.

Mayors, city managers, and department leaders consistently face the pressure of developers, residents, outside consultants, and others competing for both their time and their city's resources. As a result, they're left with little time to keep up with the latest approaches to operating, growing, and sustaining their communities.


We've got your back.

Our workshops save you the effort and expense of navigating the many books, conferences, and other resources relevant to doing your job well. We curate and explain a mix of proven and emerging strategies for operating, growing, and managing your city. Some of the solutions we'll walk through include: fiscal analysis, lean codes & processes, ROI-based planning, economic gardening, incremental development, tactical activation, community empowerment, and more. 

You'll be armed with an improved understanding of how to realistically address your city's growing needs using the resources you have on hand. 

Let's do this. See the schedule for all upcoming events→

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Workshop options

We offer a range of workshop options to fit your audience, availability, and budget.

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Our 1-day 'overview' workshops are a jam-packed introduction to proven & emerging strategies that will help you build a Strong Town:

  • Fiscal analysis & ROI-based planning
  • Incremental development & neighborhood cultivation
  • Economic gardening
  • Local workforce development & apprenticeship programs
  • Tactical activation
  • Community empowerment 
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In the 2-day 'deep-dive' workshop, we expand on the concepts introduced in Day 1, using case studies to dig deeper into specific strategies and demonstrate how they can be implemented in different environments. Facilitated breakout sessions give participants the opportunity to share and discuss personal examples with their peers.

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Our 3-day 'local launch' workshops are community specific, so we bring our team directly to you. The 2-day deep-dive material is refined to suit your community's specific issues, opportunities, people and resources.

We kick off every Cultivate Community Program with a 3-day workshop, so if you're interested in a long-term implementation partnership with us, we can hit the ground running alongside you immediately. 

You'll want to invite as broad a leadership group as possible—this is a team effort, and we'll want everyone on the same page as we turn a new page in your community.

We'll come with some background data analysis of your community already in hand, and we will together identify and prioritize real, actionable projects we can get started on right away. 


We enjoy speaking with local chambers, rotary clubs, and other organizations. If you're interested in having one of us speak to your organization, let us know!